How Scanning Your Feet Can Help Your Back Pain

Berkhamsted Chiropractic ClinicDid you know that the difference between you left foot and right foot can make a massive difference to your spine. Well that is what I found out recently when I visited a chiropractor in a town called Berkhamsted in England. What he did was amazing to discover how the dysfunction at me feet is traveling up my legs into my hips and lower back.

It makes sense once you see the custom scans, but until you get to visualise the pressure difference I don’t think you quite realise just how that is a big problem that needs addressing when trying to solve something like chronic lower back pain like I have had.

The reason I crossed out have is because since getting my pair of custom made orthotics to put in my shoes things changed from having pain to had pain in the bottom of my back.

Chiropractic is not only about looking at the vertebrae for solving back pain, but as I found out, about looking at bones, muscles and nerves starting from your feet and ending in your head. Everything is related and can cause problems elsewhere in the body.

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Bulletproof Coffee: Why Celebs Are Putting Butter in Their Coffee

More and more celebrities from Hollywood actors, NBA players to Rockstar musicians are following this recent health craze from Dave Asprey. The in thing to do is not use milk or cream in your morning coffee, but butter coffee.

These celebs like the LA Lakers, Jeremy Piven, Ed Sheeran and ,Chimera frontman Mark Hunter, are blending grassfed butter in with their coffee instead of milk. It does make an amazing looking cup of coffee and guess what it does actually taste great. Yup blending natural unsalted butter, not margarine, in with coffee makes something called Bulletproof® Coffee. Some people like to call it Bullet Coffee.

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

So the Bulletproof Coffee recipe actually is:

  1. 1-2 tablespoons of unsalted, grass fed butter or grass fed ghee (Up to 6 Tbsp, 80g or 88 ml)
  2. 1-2 tablespoons of Brain Octane Oil or Upgraded™ MCT oil (15-30 ml)
  3. Brew your coffee
  4. Blend all the ingredients together

Then you should have a drink that doesn’t look horrible with fat floating on the top, but rather a cappuccino or latte looking coffee drink that really does taste good. Give it a go.

Bulletproof Coffee